Igor Morus, the founder and the president of the construction company «Construction Group International», is a laureate of the All-Ukrainian competition called «The Businessman of Ukraine». He has also been awarded the diplomas of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture, Kharkov branch of USPP.


The construction company “Construction Group International” - is thirty-year experience of high-quality service at the construction market of Ukraine.


The construction company “Construction Group International” operates at the market from 1989 and till 1995 it was known as "The Small-Scale Construction Enterprise №7" (SMKP-7).

Key employees of company are: managerial staff, financial
services, technicians-and-engineers are specialists, having a large experience of practical work in managerial staff and subdivisions of the former Construction-and-Erection Trust №86, that was engaged in construction of major industrial enterprises in Kharkov and Ukraine and objects of defense significance.


The construction company “Construction Group International” is one of few companies in Ukraine providing a closed cycle of construction - from
design and laying the foundation to service maintenance.

The construction company “Construction Group International” has in its disposal a complete spectrum of special-purpose construction machinery, production base, a factory for production of metal-plastic and aluminum items, a factory for production of steel structures and a batching plant.
This is added by the design department, executing the entire complex
of project work, the department of mechanized work, the department of procurement and marketing, the department of sales, the department
of operation of constructed buildings and structures.

Our company co-operates with leading domestic and European
producers in the area of construction materials and equipment. All
our materials and equipment have been certified by factories-producers.

Most new clients come to us on recommendation. We value
the reputation. Daily control and use of internal standards
of quality, obligatory guarantee on the executed work and post-warranty
service all this is a result of the special policy of the company aimed
at winning the deserved place at the market of construction services
in Ukraine. To confirm this it can be said that the construction company “Construction Group International” is one of few companies in Ukraine that has received the international certificate ISO 9001-2001 for the system of quality control of executed work.


The construction company "Construction Group International" - Called to create! 

ISO 9001