Development is quite a perspective and profitable direction of development and under a competent management it can become a source of stable and high profit. Detailed structuring of activity, complete control, and timely implementation of work in accordance with the developed plan and creation of a competitive project effectively responding to market conditions in the end. Such results are obtained by means of complex efforts. The company provides a complex of services in project management «from zero». The client gets a possibility of creation his own object of development on the basis of monitoring of market conditions with subsequent development of a concept and reduction of risks by means of further professional «performance» of work under the project.


Investment consulting

Marketing research (complex analysis of target audience of the object, object location, competitive environment;

Creation of concepts of future development of the object (determination of basic parameters of the building, development of the architectural concept and floor planning);

• Financial planning;

Follow-up of development projects;

Operative management of the object;

• Adaptation of investments.


Services in the area of property and land relations

Solution of tasks related to creation of «turnkey business» in the field of real estate;

• Financial consulting;

Interpretation and consultation on the procedure and order of getting approval of land use matters by executive bodies, local self-government bodies and respective authorities of land resources;


ISO 9001
Services of the company «Construction Group» in the Development area