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CONSTRUCTION GROUP INTERNATIONAL, a company engaged in construction, has become the managing company of the corporation and functions as the general contractor, customer, investor and supplier, works with banks for lending to construction projects, and also conducts technical supervision and arranges sales.

Construction Group International
40 Chernyshevska street, Kharkiv

Most of our new clients come to us by referral. We value our reputation. Daily control and availability of internal quality standards, obligatory guarantee for the works performed and post-warranty service: all these are the result of the company’s special policy aimed at winning its well-deserved place in the Ukrainian construction services market.


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The main employees of the company: management personnel, financial services, engineering and technical personnel. Our specialists have extensive practical experience in the former Construction and Installation Trust No. 86, which was engaged in the construction of large industrial enterprises in Kharkov and Ukraine, as well as defense facilities.



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    The office of Construction Group International is located in the centre of Kharkiv in 40 Chernyshevska street. Please call us or send an e-mail, following which the manager will advise you and, if necessary, arrange a meeting with the management.

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    40 Chernyshevska street, Kharkiv