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Real estate market is one of the most competitive at the moment. Subject to availability of great number of offers, it is not easy for the prospective buyer to see the difference between the objects, to appraise the value-to-price ratio, to make its choice, relying on the quality. For this very reason we propose services of organized sales department team, which will accompany the buyer on its way from the willing to acquire high-quality real estate property to the transaction.

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    real estate sale
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Formation of current market value

Our company undertakes the analysis of competitors and general real estate market tendencies, that is why we always know how much the objects should cost.


Customers consultations

We help each customer to select the real estate object, which is appropriate for it, show advantages of the purchase from us and complete the process with transaction.


Real estate objects database

We keep double records of sold objects, which ensure guarantee of the lack of double sales and unaccounted objects.


Customer database

We have complete contact details of the customers and maintain communication with each of them. We create the number of communication channels in order the customer not to lose touch with the sales department even in case of the change of its phone number.


Sale support

Integrated work with the lawyers, aimed at protection of interests of the buyer upon signing of sales and purchase agreement.

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