Yevheniy Gutkov: The housing is rising in price most notably when the building is half ready

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    DIPLOMAT Residential Complex
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A lot of lines have been written about the fact that it is absolutely profitable to acquire accommodation in the building under construction. However, some buyers hesitate whether it is worth investing money into the thing that has no obvious shapes yet.

We have summarized the most significant benefits that you will gain by taking ownership in the apartment in a new building.

You can save up fairly well

The best card of residential purchase is still saving. Those who book an apartment at the stage of laying the foundation will get the greatest reward. According to experts, during that stage the square meters can be bought at a very reasonable price.

“If you take an apartment at the stage when the foundation pit has just been excavated at the construction site, your housing will turn out to be much cheaper than the one purchased at the final stage of construction. At the final stage, when the project is ready for completion, the cost per square meter rises by 10-15%”, explains Yevgeniy Gutkov, the First Vice-President of Construction Group International.

Nowadays Construction Group International is undergoing a peak of construction in respect of DIPLOMAT Residential Complex near Sarzhyn Yar.

You can take the apartment of your dream

Another advantage of buying an apartment at the stage when the building is erected lies in the option to choose the most optimal housing option. Actually it doesn’t matter that you cannot see with your eyes, feel with your hands or measure with your steps physically, the developer always has a design of the future project. The buyer may choose the floor, area of the apartment, layout, view from the window and even anticipate the rooms where he or she will see the sunrise and the sunset.

“As regards the area of apartments, DIPLOMAT Residential Complex is the housing of category I, therefore we have planned around 50 sq m for one-room apartments, and 70-90 sq m for two-room apartments. At the construction stage, we give ear to the buyer’s wishes and can slightly change the apartment’s layout if the buyer wants to expand the kitchen, to reduce the living-room or to enlarge the bathroom through sacrificing the hallway,” adds Gutkov.

In a brand new apartment, where no one has lived before you, you can make your own interior design, order any built-in furniture and arrange it the way you desire, rather than placing it where you’ve got a vacant spot.

However, the closer to the end of construction we are, the choice of apartments becomes much poorer and the prices get higher.

Your new apartment will be safer than the one in an old building

When erecting the elite class high-rise buildings, developers use innovative technologies. Therefore, the materials that the houses are built of have better technological characteristics: they are more up-to-date and durable. Buying an apartment “from scratch” you need not worry about conditions of the water supply and electricity networks and you may be sure: the house is equipped with the latest fire safety systems. Otherwise, a high-rise building will just fail to go through multiple stages of inspections and checks, i.e., the building will not be put into service.

Security and video surveillance systems, safe modern elevators: all these are an integral part of your new apartment.

You may use the adjacent territory

Each modern residential complex shall by all means be accompanied by a completed infrastructure ensemble, conventionally: playgrounds and sports grounds, benches, islets of green spaces and parking areas for cars. In the case of DIPLOMAT Residential Complex, there will be the underground and surface parking areas for 51 and 46 cars, respectively, and a guest parking area for 20 cars.

In addition, such buildings usually have an administrator, who oversees the high quality and comprehensive maintenance of the building. Heating, hot water supply, cleanliness and tidiness of the entrance lobby will be a source of such administrator’s major concern.

Your apartment will be legally clean

Another important advantage to purchase housing in a new building is the so-called legal “chastity”. Your apartment will not carry a burden of dubious past, other people’s underage children will definitely not be registered therein, your place of accommodation will not be sued by distant relatives of previous owners.

Why does the developer give its own name to the new building?

As numerous survey show, the following issues are important for buyers: who is building the house, where it is going to be built and what apartments are offered; and a good euphonious name of the complex also matters.

One of the major tasks of the projects’ names is to show uniqueness of the residential complex or club house, to distinguish it among many others. Therefore, the brightest memorable names are given, first of all, to elite real property.

A name makes the residential complex recognizable; it is easier to find the real property on the Internet and in other sources. The bright name of the complex is always interesting to the public.